Patient Testimonials


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Lap Cholecystectomy at Lotus Hospital

I was suffering from indigestion, occasional vomiting and pain in the upper abdomen near the chest. I consulted Dr. Umesh Gupta at Lotus hospital. He advised to get an ultrasound scan done. The ultrasound reported that I had 3-4 Gall Bladder Stones. Dr. Gupta advised me surgery but I was scared to get the surgery done. I went to many doctors, quacks and even a baba in mathura who all promised to get the stones out with medicines. I spent a lot of money and time in trying those remedies. I then consulted Dr. Prabhat Goyal who told me that the only treatment for Gall Stones is surgery. I again went to Dr. Umesh Gupta who reassured me that it is a simple surgery in the hands of experienced surgeons. He also told me that since they will do the surgery with the help of Laparoscope, I will be at the hospital for only 1 day and there will be minimal surgical scar. They gave me a package of Rs. 24000 for the entire procedure. I got admitted to the hospital on 23rd Oct, 2010 and really to my surprise I was told that I can go home on the next morning. Doctor prescribed me some medicines and told me that I could resume work from the 3rd day. I was surprised at the ease with which everything was done. The staff at Lotus Hospital seems very competent, specially Dr. Umesh Gupta who is so confident – Ram Chander Age 41, South City-II, Gurgaon


Delivery at the Mother & Child Centre, Lotus Hospital

My son Ajju was born at Lotus Hospital on 19th Feb, 2007. I had been consulting Dr. Ruchi Gupta since the beginning and was very comfortable with the staff of the Mother & Child department at Lotus Hospital. My haemoglobin in the 6th month of my pregnancy came down to 6.8 but Dr. Ruchi assured me that there was nothing to worry and she prescribed me iron tablets. She also asked me to do some exercises for a safe delivery. As the due date was approaching I was getting a little apprehensive but Dr. Ruchi  gave me a lot of confidence and relaxed me. I got admitted to the hospital on 19th morning and after two hours my bundle of joy Ajju was in my arms. I was overwhelmed, the entire family was overjoyed. I was at the hospital for 2 days and the experience was amazing. Now that I am back home, I thank my wonderful doctor for bringing my son in this world in such a nice way. – Shakuntla Sharma, New Colony, Gurgaon